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Amphora is the embodiment of many things that have shaped my life: my Greek heritage, my love of Hellenic art and culture, my family, and my passion for creative cuisine.

My family comes from northern Greece. The art you see in the restaurant is representative of ancient Thrace. And we’re even named after the two-handled vase so often pictured in Classic Greek painting and sculpture...

...At the same time, we embrace contemporary Greek culture, in the design, reminiscent of the bistros in modern Athens; in the music, from contemporary Greek artists; even in the wines and beer, some of the best that today’s Greek winemakers and brew masters have to offer.

So, we celebrate the old and the new at Amphora. Nowhere is it more evident than in the food. You’ll recognize most of the traditional names – souvlaki, baklava, etc. – and most of the recipes come from my father – himself a successful restaurateur and my inspiration – and my mother – the best cook I ever knew...

...But when you taste our food, you’ll be dazzled by how we’ve updated traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with some new seasonings and a few new combinations. I like to say “Amphora is not your grandmother’s Greek restaurant.” It’s surely not, but I’m confident your grandmother – and everyone in your family – will thoroughly enjoy dining here!We look forward to serving you.


-Peter Tsoupelis


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