Betley Chevrolet, Inc.

Betley Chevrolet, Inc.



About Us

Betley Chevrolet has an incredible history of over 50 years in business as a Chevy dealer in NH. It wasn’t built like most businesses today, to grow and grow at the expense of everything except profit. No, Betley Chevrolet was built on honest and transparent business practices–where you know you’re getting a great deal and even greater customer service. Here are three things you need to know about Betley Chevrolet:

Our sales staff is comprised of Chevrolet experts. Our least-experienced salesperson has 10 years of experience here at our NH Chevy dealership. Yes, you read that right: TEN YEARS! Our most experienced salesperson, Brian Fitzpatrick, has over 23 years under his belt as a Chevy sales consultant for Betley Chevrolet.

Our roots are in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for most major car dealers today. Packaged together in groups with a large corporate business structure, car dealerships today aren’t local, family-operated businesses as they were in the past. Betley, on the other hand, is still run like a neighborhood dealership. We don’t see numbers when a new face walks through our door, we see a person. Our job is to ensure each customer is treated like family so we can stay in business for another 50 years.

Dead simple pricing. We don’t hide pricing or try to trick customers into paying more. All of our cars are priced to sell with available discounts displayed online for full transparency. Why fight for hours at another dealership when the best deal is just a short drive away in Derry?


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