Friends of the Meetinghouse at First Parish



About Us

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) dedicated to raising funds and resources to enable the historic preservation of the 1769 Meetinghouse in East Derry, New Hampshire.


  • Invested $1.6M in Preservation so far, from congregation, grants, loan, and community.
  • Completed: new Foundation with original granite facing; extensive Timber Frame rehab throughout;
  • adjacent Accessibility Connector and Elevator shaft construction;
  • complete Tower & Steeple renovation - 95% new material matching historic structure and trim.
  • Remaining: rehabilitation of all Interiors and completion of Accessibility Connector.


Sept. 2019 — Restored Tower & Steeple; adjacent Accessibility Connector with elevator awaits completion
Raising the restored Steeple; work done by Preservation Timber Framing.
The restored historic Weathervane, re-gilt by Alexandra Hadik of Chester.
Meetinghouse west end, with restored Tower including working original door.
The Meetinghouse at night, awaiting the complete rehabilitation of its interiors, and completion of the Accessibility connector.