Gail Kraft, Motivational Speaker, Writer

Gail Kraft, Motivational Speaker, Writer



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Have you ever followed a process that was “guaranteed” to succeed and yet, for you, things just didn’t come together? Or maybe you followed a career that you thought was perfect for you and, no matter how hard you work it, you’re good, but just not good enough? Maybe the reason is that you are not making choices that are congruent to who you are at your very core.

get in touch with your self-talk, your personal perspective, and your beliefs that hold you back. Become the person you were meant to be. Make conscious choices. Discover your fullest potential, who you are,and what you are here to do. If not now, when?

Gail entered into her own business in 2012, creating a model for guiding clients to success utilizing a combination of business tools (such as six-sigma, six disciplines, change acceleration processes), coaching techniques (such as elite life coaching, Neurolinguistics, quantum linguistics), and meta-physical approaches (the nature of the mind; such as meditation, soul alignment, and visualization). She also has corporate and personal training programs working with personal trainers, aroma-therapists, and massage therapists to bring the mind-body connection together.

Gail provides you with a blueprint to practice living a conscious life where you make choices that align with your core values, congruent with your heart, and ecological to the universe. It’s time for you to embrace the gift that is you. If not now, when?


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