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Moon Dance Yoga – SomaWorks

We are dedicated to health, wellness and healing: helping to awaken the healing life force – prana/qi/chi – of the body, the mind and the spirit, that inherently exists in all of us.
It is home to somatic movement education - specifically the Feldenkrais Method(R) and therapeutically oriented yoga instruction helping people achieve better overall function of their entire being: body, brain, nervous system, through movement.

How it helps:
Using movement as a vehicle clients are guided through a transformational process that, with appropriate life style changes, results in the integration of the whole person – body, mind, – bringing about profound and lasting change and optimum function. My approach is always customized for the individual: uncovering existing patterns, highlighting them; then with that understanding we explore what is possible, finding the best option, resulting in better movement and better overall function. It is a journey that we take together: client and practitioner to bring about lasting transformation.

Who it helps:
This works for anyone who moves, but especially beneficial for those experiencing difficulties: movement restrictions, pain, stress, trauma, joint issues, arthritis, autoimmune issues as well as mild to severe cognitive impairment, stroke. It ALSO serves as a support system for profound lifestyle changes.

Why try:
It reduces pain;
It reduces anxiety and helps with stress management;
It helps you move better with more ease;
It enhances athletic perfomance;
It optimizes brain function.


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Zsuzsa Belhazy-Kovacs
Owner, Principal