Re-Gain Health & Balance

Re-Gain Health & Balance



About Us

We are a one-of-a-kind HealthCare practice. We provide Cutting Edge Priority Based HealthCare, Integrative Therapies and Unique Wellness products to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Our Clients experience Progressive Improvements and Lasting Changes from Chronic Health Issues, Stress, Physical pain, Emotional Health and Personal Growth & Development. We help accelerate the Natural Healing process, strengthen Immunity and ease Grief & Fears without harmful side effects, Medications, Supplements, Invasive Procedures or "Talk" Therapy.

We have a different approach to HealthCare. Using a revolutionary "Whole HealthCare" System, we can identify and address underlying causes and factors and the story behind the symptoms to address what conventional healthcare does not.

Each relaxing session is tailored to your current state of health and the needs of your body. Combining Modern, Ancient, Chinese & Western perspectives benefits any age or stage of health.

ADULTS: Helps address what Conventional HealthCare does not and provides progressive improvement and lasting results without pills

TEENS: Helps them process and release emotions and stress without having to ''talk about it.'' It can also help with depression and anxiety and school work.

CHILDREN: Helps them positively navigate friendships, school, ability to focus, and peer pressure.

TODDLERS: Helps with developmental delays or sensory issues including bonding, and emotional issues.

BABIES: Helps with issues adjusting to life including breastfeeding issues, colic, and traumatic births.


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Elizabeth Gillis, CBP, CRP, CTFHP
The BodyTalk HealthCare System - Comprehensive, Priority based Care
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CMO Natural Arthritis Supplements for Immune System Re-Programming
The Science of The BodyTalk HealthCare System