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Rick Christensen MBA is a NH Business Consultant that specializes in Business Strategies/Change Management / Leadership Coaching & Training/ Marketing Strategies/Business Valuations & Brokerage

As CEO of Rick Christensen Consulting, I am accountable and available by personally working on your consulting projects and coaching you to future success.

You get results and value by paying a flat -rate consulting fee for your project that is based on completion and not billed by the hour.

No task is too small – while many consultants may avoid smaller businesses and projects, I understand that a small business problem can turn into a larger, complex problem virtually overnight – so I can help businesses mitigate this risk and focus on Growing Your NH Business.

Please accept my invitation to set up a free 20-minute consultation to explore your goals for 2024. Would you prefer in-person or Zoom?

I look forward to being your local business consultant of choice when your company has a need for outside consultants.

Rick Christensen MBA
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Rick Christensen Consulting
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  • Business Plans
  • Leadership Coaching @ Training
  • Business Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Valuations & Brokerage


Rick Christensen Consulting
Masters Degree in Business Administration