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About Us

We are experienced and accredited travel advisors. Our passions are traveling to exciting places, meeting interesting people, and eating great local foods. We love to share our passions with our clients.

We take the stress out of vacation planning by getting to know you, your travel style, and what you wish to experience, then recommending the perfect trip options specifically chosen for you. We then present you with a step-by-step personalized itinerary that can be easily accessed through an app, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. We are with you from first contact, until you safely return home so you have peace of mind throughout your journey.

We have a long professional background in healthcare, especially in managing accessibility issues. We have brought this expertise into our travel journey. Our extensive knowledge of mobility and health issues allows us to assist you in breaking down physical barriers so that you can travel to places you have never imagined despite your age or physical abilities.

We love groups! Group travel can be complicated to navigate on your own. We assist you in finding the perfect location for your destination wedding, reunion, family vacation, bachelorette, or friend's trip. Then we help you keep everyone organized and on track so that you can enjoy the vacation without worry.

Don't try to navigate the new and increasingly complicated world of travel alone. Let the professionals at Stilo Travel and Cruise help make planning your next vacation a breeze.


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